Open Access at UNIVERSITY - OpenCourseWare and Beyond

Photo by Berkman Center for Internet & Society, via Flickr (CC license)

MIT's OpenCourseWare, along with numerous other University-lead open access learning initiatives, has revealed the world's thirst for open access knowledge and learning. What have we learned from previous efforts, and how and in what ways can Universities harness the potential of making their course material open access? How do we give knowledge, once put online, a sense of "life" - how do we make it "living" knowledge to be shared and developed with learners around the world?

Facilitator: Anne Margulies (MIT OpenCourseWare), Elizabeth Stark (Founder, Harvard Free Culture Club and HLS 3L), Joel Thierstein (Executive Director, Rice University Connexions)

Download the MP3 (time: 1:37:27).

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