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Are there going to be conference podcasts?

It seems like the conference will be quite amazing. But say, are the going to be podcasts from the panels/working groups? Just posting the summaries and group reviews given at the end of the day would be priceless...


Re: Are there going to be conference podcasts?

We'll be posting audio and video from the intro & welcome, keynote, and final words from day two of the conference here on this site and over at MediaBerkman.

There will be video cameras (camcorders) available to use for recording the day two working groups. As I understand it, we're looking for attendees with experience to help record some of these working groups. But, I am sure there will more info on this announced on Friday.

Thanks for your question,

Colin Rhinesmith
Digital Media Producer
Berkman Center for Internet & Society


Awesome. Thank, Colin!

how this will look like?

we have heared a lot about university, internet, privacy, brand and identy or rights but we haven't heard much about new ways of experiencing this culture in our visible, firstlife world ...

a planned, designed and build univercity is a symbol of what?

where are the visible and functional symbols in this reallife which referrs to that cognitive - kind of ethereal - university 2.0 ?

I would like to see those intersections build...


Great comment

The intersection of the virtual and the real strikes me the most interesting ground to tread.

John Palfrey

Conference podcasts are online

Audio is now available MediaBerkman. Video will be up soon.