Connecting UNIVERSITY and Localized Curricula

Photo by Berkman Center for Internet & Society, via Flickr (CC license)

What is University's role in guiding elementary education? Through empowering and enabling local teachers and volunteers in the world through collaborative development of teaching materials with luminaries in various academic disciplines, we can connect University to all children in the world, offering children who may not necessarily have access to traditional systems that would lead them to University the chance to connect nonetheless. With a project such as One Laptop per Child, and its initiative to facilitate a universal library, University can connect in more direct and actionable ways to the basic education movement, and address the needs of local students and teachers across different cultures.

Facilitators: SJ Klein (One Laptop Per Child), Ethan Zuckerman (Berkman Fellow), PITF Program (Harvard)

Download the MP3 (time: 1:36:30).

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