May 31 Discussion

On Thursday May 31, 2007 we are meeting for a day of closed session work groups. We will give a wrap-up of this day's discussions at the June 1 public conference day.

we ask an invited group to a meeting under chatham rule to discuss inputs and outputs and issues of connectedness.

conceive cyberspace as a message network with human nodes built in integrated media space.

the future is like schrodigger's cat. each of us views it in our imagination. it is what we make it. it does not exist yet - now it does.

we have a sense of being present. we have sense of past and future as part of the presence we sense. present past future. e pi i

we humans move through time collectively like a school of fish moving through the ocean. internet makes us one big school, like it or knot.

in meta land there are lords of meta concepts like university and for-profit corporation. our challenge is to sit together civilly and make our future good.

who sits at the cyber table of the lords of meta space

university: convenor moderator
for profit content
for profit search

suppose each one an avatar in second life animated by a team expressing concept and interest of their set

imagine their structured response to stimuli, fred friendly seminar at process pace, our hypothetical the construction and operation of the process of the virtual space., our task together to seek nash equilibrium recognizing our shared interest in expressing our common future.

- Professor Charles Nesson