The Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University - Internet & Society Conference 2007

UNIVERSITY - Knowledge Beyond Authority

What is the role of University in cyberspace?

Even though the conference has ended, many of the discussions are only just beginning. You can engage in these conversations by visiting our conference wiki, listening to and sharing the media from all the conference sessions, tagging relevant bookmarks and photos "is2k7", and keeping an eye on this website and our conference blog for information on follow up events. Check out the archive for more information on the working groups hosted, facilitators, and general information from June 1, 2007.

Please be sure to read our synopsis of the days' events, which is the beginning of what we hope will be an on-going and collaborative process. In our report, we highlight some of the most salient and creative ideas put forth during the conference, including numerous perspectives on the various needs, interests, potential fissures and positive connections that were perceived by our multi-sectoral participants. We hope you'll take the opportunity to join us in this conversation by contributing your thoughts, ideas and takeaways from the conference.

Here is a final note from conference co-chair, Professor Charles Nesson.

The 2002 Internet & Society Conference and the 2004 Internet & Society Conference have paved the trails leading to this conference. Thank you for continuing to join us on this journey with the 2007 Internet & Society Conference.

Generous conference support received from:
Charles Hamilton Institute for Race and Justice
Berkman Center for Internet & Society
Office of the Provost - Harvard University
Science Commons
Reed Elsevier